This section contains my and some others skins for European Air War. The skins are packed in a ZIP format which contains the PCX image files, TPC converted ones and some of the skins have also 3DZ (aircraft shape), DAT (aircraft behaviour) and STR (names) files. To install, drop the TPC and other (if included) ones to your EAW folder. This will 'activate' the skin. In many cases, there is no P****v cockpit file - that is because I usually do not make them. So just don't be sad for this missing part and look at these great skins!

Czechoslovaks - 19 Skins

Royal Air Force - 3 Skins

Luftwaffe - 4 Skins

United States Army Air Force - 3 Skins

Voyenno Vozdushnie Sily - No Skins Yet

Finland - 1 Skin
Hungaria - 1 Skin
China - 1 Skin