This is the 'Links' section. It is a gate to hundreds of hours with EAW because each link has a lot of stuff to play with, work on, blah blah... It has many connections to other sites... Also you can find there tons of materials such as thousands of skins, downloads, programs, sounds, terrains and stuff like that.

If you want to really enjoy EAW (and I'm sure you want!), I recommend you to find and download these:
- EAW Patch 1.2 and Unofficial 1.2a
- Enemy Coast Ahead
- Enemy Coast Ahead Panel (the latest version)
- Jeroen van Soest's EAW Aircraft Editor
- Relent's Skins'n'More
- EAW Stab Manager
- Career Linker
- Campaign Mover
... and a lots of more!


European Air War Links


SimHQ Messageboard

105 'Dinger' Squadron

Aces Over Gyn Futura

Aces' Paint Shop

Airbuddha's Hangar

AxA's Fly and Fight

Bryan Bury's EAW Page

Capitán Manduca's EAW Workshop

Captain Farrell's EAW Skins

Captain Kurt's EAW Collection


Cord's EAW Page

Claude Lumpkin's EAW Page

Dancho's EAW Page

EAW Aircraft Editor

EAW Host Site

EAW Paint Barn

EAW Stab

Enemy Coast Ahead

E's EAW Page

Flying Sheep's Sheepwerke

Fox 2's EAW Skins


Hoover's Terrains

Karl's EAW Page

Kike's EAW Skins

LLv 34


Majki's EAW Page

Major Lee's Aerodrome

Meat Water's Sound Pack

Migge's EAW Page

Mosi's Flight Sim Page

Musgrove's EAW Annex

Papa Romeo's EAW Page

Pathfinder's EAW Site

Pilot Officer Prune's Aerodrome


Redeyes' EAW Page

Sandbagger's EAW Links

Scorpion's EAW Downloads

Serb's EAW Flight Line

Skin Manager

Stag's EAW Skin Site

Stan's Stuff

Target Tug's

Veltjens' Battle of Britain Skins

Wingman T's EAW Page

Wings Over ByTom

Woolfman's Polish EAW Page

Other sites

An official page of Darkblue World ..or back to Pisis' EAW Page I really do enjoy skateboarding I wear Voclom clothing I wear DC Shoes Site of Horsefeathers Clothing