Pisis' EAW Page - MAIN

pišíšova european air war stránka
   pisis' european air war page
   estabilished in october 2001


These days the original European Air War does
not exist. We should call it World Air War now...

This page is home of the Czechoslovak Squadron Pack

Welcome to Pisis' European Air War Page!
This page was created and designed by me, Pisis. It was estabilished in 2001.
Home of the 'Czechoslovak Squadron Pack'

On this site you can find skins, downloads, photos, lists and some other EAW or WWII-flight stuff.
All materials posted here are for free use and may not be ever distributed for profit. These materials were created just to encrease the best WWII flight-sim ever - European Air War. Their authors are not responsible for any data damages, casualties or whatever they can do to your computer.

I would like to thank a lot of people:
Without these people, this page (and everything on it) won't be ever created.

Karl, the very best Czech 'eawer', who told me a lot about EAW when I was a rookie, he also published some of my skins on his page and I am in touch with him all the time,
Mosi who helped me with my very first skins,
Alessandro Borges for helping me with the EAW graphic problems,
S/Ldr Bob, my classmate - he acquainted myself with EAW,
Pilot Officer Prune, he helped me with the CSP
Andy, who also helped with the CSP
Microprose - for producing in my opinion the best WWII flight-sim ever, even with a lot of bugs and
Whole EAW Community for common work on the EAW data key and increasing the EAW everyday.

Some of the screenshots are quite ugly - that is because of my bad 3D graphic card. You can imagine how looks my EAW...