Josef Stehlik

In Three Armies


S/Ldr Josef Stehlik Stehlik's Hurricane (DU-L/V6678) No. 312 Squadron


Squadron Leader Josef Stehlik is credited with 12-3-1 (confirmed-probably-damaged) achievements. This puts him among the most 'useful' (I don't like this word - everyone who fought against Nazi was useful and brave...) Czechoslovak aces.

Name: Josef Stehlik
RAF No.: 787 701
Born: 23th March 1915 - Pikarec, Czechoslovakia
Died: 30th May - 1991 Slavicin, Czechoslovakia
Start Rank: Sergeant
Final Rank: Squadron Leader
Serving since: 18.08.1940
Serving till: 01.02.1944 (Then 1. Czechoslovak Voluntary Independent Fighter Regiment in USSR - till 08.05.1945)
Armé De l'Air:
- CIC No. 6 Chartres
- Grouppe de Chasse III./3
No. 312 (Czechoslovak) Squadron
Voienno Vozdhushnei Sily SSSR
- 1. samostatna stihaci letecka perut (1st Independent Fighter Squadron)
- 128. ceskoslovenska samostatna stihaci letecka perut (128th Czechoslovak Independent Fighter Squadron)
- 1. ceskoslovensky samostatny stihaci pluk "Zvolensky" (1st Czechoslovak Independent Fighter Regiment "Zvolensky")
- 2. ceskoslovensky samostatny stihaci pluk (2nd Czechoslovak Independent Fighter Regiment)
Victories: 12 confirmed, 3 probably, 1 damaged
- 5x Cs. Valecny Kriz 1939 (War Cross 1939)
- 2x Medaile "Za statecnost" (Bravery Medal)
- Medaile "Za zasluhy" 1. & 2. stupne (Merits Medal 1st & 2nd Class)
- Pametni medaile cs. zahranicni armady se stitkem F, VB a SSSR (Memorial Medal with France, Great Britain and USSR Bars)
- Rad SNP I. tridy (The Slovak National Uprising Order 1st Class)
- Rad MRS III. tridy (The MRS Order 3rd Class)
- Croix de Guerre with 3 Palms & 2 Golden Stars (Knights' Cross)
- Médaille Militaire (Military Medal)
- Médaille Comémorative des Services Volontaires dans la France Libre (Free French Voluntary Memorial Medal)
- Air Crew Europe Star
- War Medal
- Defence Medal
- The 1939 - 1945 Star (with Battle of Britain Claps)



12th May
Probably shot down one Bf 110C in a common work
Shot down two He 111P's in a common work

19th May
Shot down one Hs 126 in a common work
Shot down one Do 17

5th June
Shot down work one Do 17 in a common work

6th June
Shot down one Bf 109E

8th November

Shot down one Ju 88A-1 in a common work


14th March

Shot down one Ju 88A-5 in a common work

18th June

Probably shot down one Bf 109E

8th July

Damaged one Bf 109

19th July
Probably shot down one Bf 109F

26th September

Shot down two He 111's


18th September

Destroyed two Ju 87's on ground

19th September
Shot down one Ju 88A

7th October
Shot down one Ju 87D in a common work

Written by Pisis